Sunday, November 07, 2004

My apartment is a vast ruin, but will shape up. It's good to finally get things going in there. It's been a long series of delayed delays. Moving yesterday: always fun. The twins, my brothers, were at one point rolling around inside the U-Haul truck, pounding on each other. They're twenty but you wonder. One had called the other "stupid." Hence, the fraccas. I'm excited to finally have a place near campus, to gain some measure of autonomy over my days.


Now, to decorating the place. I need lots of prints, posters, etc. Too bare.


So, let's have a housewarming party. C'mon!

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Anonymous said...

housewarming? OK - whatcha want from Hawaii? My old surfboard? Would make a nice wall hanging I think. I'm happy you finally got your place.