Thursday, November 04, 2004

Just as wicked as it seems

No useful words on the election. I'm not surprised, really. Any hopes I ever had were always balanced on a razor's bright edge, ready to be slit in two. I think that's why I'm not in so much of a funk as others around me appear to be. I'm not apathetic, no; I just am not wounded. At least no more than I was before.


Some good news: I'm moving this weekend. If you want my new mailing address, phone number, all that, e-mail me. I'll be emailing some of you.


Victoria has shut down her blog, mostly, and this is just sad. She's such a great girl. I hate that mean people have driven her off. Encourage her to come back, send flowers, send chocolate. To her, I mean. Or me too. But definitely her.


I've started planning/budgeting for AWP. I think I'll be able to cover everything; I've been saving some money since the summer. Anyone else in that mode? Flying out of Chattanooga to Vancouver is expensive. Atlanta's only 90 minutes from here but I think I'd rather pay up and avoid the hassle.

I'm looking forward to it. I have a lot of old friends to see and new ones to meet. So, look for me. Throw a book or bagel at me.


Victoria Chang said...

You are the best Paul! I met your friend Wendy Wisner in NYC, and wow, what a sweet sweet gal. I knew I could trust your taste in good people. Well my blog is "closed" for business, but you get to read little snippets here and there about me and that's it. Oh, you won't miss me that much. We can talk anytime. Good luck budgeting for AWP, it is indeed expensive. Ouch. But it will be a great time and fun to meet you in person, of course.

Robin said...

I'll be at AWP too. I don't know if this kind of thing is available in other states, but I'm actually able to get a grant to cover half the costs of the conference. It's state funding. The fact that I work for a nonprofit is the key.