Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

What a great, bizzaro-world album. I've been listening to it (via Napster) tonight while getting some work done. Printing out mailing labels, with the manuscript soon to follow. I can't decide whether to enter New Issues' Green Rose Prize. They're a great press and I love the people; they did a great job on my book. There's something to be said for staying with them. But, the thing is, harkening back to an earlier blog topic between me, Josh Corey, and Victoria on covers, I've never seen a Green Rose cover I particularly cared for. And you want to care for your cover. Still, that's all kinds of getting too far ahead.

I am sending out to these:

The Juniper Prize
The Brittingham Prize

and possibly these:

The Green Rose Prize
The Journal Award in Poetry (despite my protestations)

The Journal one is iffy. I probably won't. I've been a finalist a couple of times for the Brittingham so I've got to keep at that. What am I missing?


Ok, help me out, guys. Back in January I submitted my book to Milkweed Editions. A while after, in March, I'd lost my records of what was where. I emailed Milkweed to make sure I'd in fact sent there. Yes, I had, but since it had arrived a few days into February they were holding it for the June reading period. This shouldn't have mattered as it was only supposed to be postmarked in January, but that's unimportant. Ok, I said, just throw that version out, and I'd send again in June as six months would produce a very different ms. Shortly thereafter, however, the editor emailed to say that one of their readers had already read the ms., responded enthusiastically, recommending it be passed on for consideration. So this editor invited me to send a revised draft at my convenience, which I did.

So, Milkweed has been reading some version of this for seven months now. A couple of months ago, I queried, to no response. A month ago, again.



Victoria Chang said...

Hi Paul,
I suggest these others, which I'm sure you've already hit:

-Sarabande (their contest isn't for first books only) and I heard they are a good press from people with them now
-Copper Canyon and the Hayden Carruth Award
-Tupelo Press Dorset Prize

I'm sure I'll think of more and I'll post again if I do!

On the Milkweed, I would send them another message, maybe even a letter?

Anonymous said...


Milkweed is notoriously slow. They only publish a few poetry books a year, usually by Midwestern poets. I work about two blocks away from the Open Book (which houses Milkweed, The Loft, and a few other book-related businesses).

Have you tried Graywolf Press? I think you'd be a good fit for them.

Steve Mueske

Paul said...

Graywolf has never shown any interest, though I've sent there three or four times. Everything is so random. Everyone always thinks Graywolf would like my poems. Except, umm, Graywolf. Heh.

Paul said...

Sarabande does like my work. I've been a finalist there a couple of times and received nice notes. So they're always a looming possibility.

Tupelo has never expressed any interest the few times I've sent, despite the wads of cash in the envelopes. ;)

A letter to Milkweed, yes. Tomorrow.

early hours of sky said...

Yes Milkweed is horrible slow (hello steve) and I would write them again. You could also call them, do you want their number?

Anonymous said...

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