Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Table o'


Table of Contents

I. The All of Otherwise

Elba 4
Plenitude 5
Psalm in Rain 6
Minus 8
Romance 9
Negation 10
Questions for Godzilla 11
The Invisible Man Looks into a Mirror 12
Beyond Repair 13
The Naked 14
Daydreaming of Ghosts 15
The Pyromaniac’s Eulogy 16
The God of Neglect, Overheard 18
Needless Invocation 20
From the Black Lagoon 21
Veneration 23
Phylum 24
After Hearing of Your Separation, I Turn on the Radio 25
The Advent of Zero 27
Resignation 29
The Cartoonist in Hell 30
My Philosophy of Other Lives 31
On Being Asked Who the You Is in My Poems 32
Donald Duck’s Lament 33
Popular Romance 35
Manifesto 36
Pluto’s Loss 37
Consolation for Virgil 38
Poem for the National Hobo Association Poetry Contest 40
Notes for My Body Double 41
Benediction 43

II. The Nine Heavens

Eulogies at Midnight 44
For a Woman’s Back 45
Ode 47
Libretto for Insomnia 48
Aubade 50
Not for You 51
Hunger 52
First Flight 53
Like Hell 54
My Jazz Poem 55
Elegy for Gram Parsons 56
Living Underwater 57
My Anger 60
Perfume 61
Erasure 62
For a Night Clerk 64
Omaha 66
Poem in which I Seek Consolation in the Etymology of a Word 67
Victoria’s Secret 68
Love Poem 69
Water 71
Ptolemaic Sunset 72
XO 73
Lullaby 74
Dorotheannus 75


Anonymous said...

Damn, that's a pretty hefty collection.

But I'd love to read "Elegy For Graham Parsons." Is it out in the world?


Paul said...

It is hefty. Too hefty, really. But that's the way I go. I had to trim about 15 pages from my first book; it'll likely be the case with this one.

"Elegy for Gram Parsons" appeared in LitRag, issue 16. But I'll post it here for you.