Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Those evil natured robots

Please note Laurel's new address (it had been wrong here for a few days) and drop by. We go way back. Not quite to puberty, but almost.


In the mail today: The Fall issue of Prairie Schooner, which features my poem "For a Woman's Back." Appropos of me, it talks about everything but a woman's back. Heh. This got accepted forever ago--two, maybe three years? So it was, of course, mailed to my old address in Tuscaloosa, then on to here, where I owed seventy cents postage. Doh. It's funny: I've been in three or four journals with Lola Haskins, counting this one. We frequent the same place, I guess. Who else in there? Virgil Suarez, of course. He sat next to us at AWP this year and was in a huff, having to sit so far back in that gorgeous, huge ballroom. Don't be late, dood. Mark Halperin. Maxine Kumin. Rick Bass. Amy Beeder. Sundry others. It looks like a good issue.


I'm thirsty.

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