Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Down in Luckenbach, Texas ain't nobody feelin' no pain

A nice evening here, even if grading papers was the bulk of it. I put on Dylan's Live 1975, from the Bootleg series, where he's backed by The Band. Great. And now Willie Nelson's Smokin' at the Paradiso, another live set. Feels like company, helping immeasurably.

Long day, all day, tomorrow. Conferencing with students. And forgot to schedule time to, you know, eat. Oh well, Thursday is always a wrecking ball. Might as well amplify the effect.

Manuscripts go out tomorrow!


Sara said...

"live 1975"

so. good. although i wish they had released a full rolling thunder concert instead of just taking songs from all different dates.

Paul said...

Agree with you, on both counts. It's fantastic.

shanna said...

I just put some pics of the real-live Luckenbach up on the blog yesterday. It's such a cool place.

Anonymous said...

Hey, buddy, those are "the Hawks." They'll become the Band shortly after. But, yes, that second disk is one of the greatest things ever captured on tape. Robertson's guitar is gorgeous.

And the Rolling Thunder Review was notoriously uneven, so, while I agree in theory with the idea of a more straight-ahead bootleg, their "best of" format may be a kindness.

Has anyone heard the latest ('64 I think?) in the series?

-Josh H