Saturday, November 05, 2011

The thought of the catacombs

Is (was?) Reckoning just about the best album R.E.M. ever made?  Maybe so.


I find I'm still lagging behind all possible verb tenses, these days.  This is not a complaint.


Back from less than twenty four hours in New Jersey.  Thank you so much to a truly wonderful host of nice people at Brookdale Community College.  I had a wonderful, if frenetic, time there.  I spent a few moments on the beach, pleased with the ruckus of the lapping waves - I hadn't expected to stay on the beach.  And down the street, old bars where Springsteen came up.  We only drove by them.  Still, I fancied to feel a little of The Boss.

And, then there was Tony Soprano.  The poster in the lobby for a bus tour.  Tempted.  No time.


Amtrak never looked at my i.d.


It is no real secret I love my Kindle.  The new model is pretty fantastic - lighter, slimmer, pared back.  I often do readings with it.  And just read - a lot of that these days.


Charlottesville is wonderful, beautiful in this autumn, a little like a dream.


Evelyn Walsh said...

I grew up in Philly and trips to the Jersey beaches were always called "going down the shore." Thanks for that memory.

Collin Kelley said...

Glad to hear you're settling in. We miss you down here in ATL!

Jill Khoury said...

I used to listen to the song "Camera" over and over.... (re: the aside about REM) Don't know if you remember me --I hope it's okay that I'm following your blog :)

Belly Ballot said...

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