Thursday, June 03, 2010

It's 7:03

Thanks to Wil, pictured with me, and everyone at the Buckhead Barnes & Noble for making me feel so welcome last night:  I truly appreciate your kindness.  Thanks, as well, to my friends in the audience, many of them unexpected.  Kudos, especially, to the vaguely creepy guy with the mohawk and the heavy breathing:  when you exclaimed, "NO BRAKES," in perfect Don LaFontaine movie trailer voice, as I read the bicycle accident scene from my memoir, it was kind of awesome.


Nancy Devine said...

yikes. i just started the movie trailer voice clip and my dog got so startled she left the room.

ChristeeneFraser said...
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ChristeeneFraser said...

From one Atlanta poet to another: I just recently discovered your poetry, and I was haunted in the best way. Thank you for poems that carried me to work, to lunch, and to bed half-wincing, half-smiling.