Friday, February 05, 2010


More rain. But no more vaguely disturbing rust gunk streaming from the ceiling. Thank you, men who climbed atop the roof and fixed whatever was wrong. Even the guy with his fly unzipped. Yes, thank you all.

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Jennifer Bartlett said...

Hi Paul,

I don't know if you read, but there has been a long dialog about your work in terms of disability rights on the Wom-po list-serv. It would be great if you weighed in on it. I am still curious as to why you have been so hesitant to write about or confront the disabilities rights movement. The troubles you face effect everyone who is disabled. I know that 'allowing' Ashbery to call you an invalid - and the reviewer mary karr uses the word too - seems like a personal decision. But it is not. As a public figure and fine poet who refuses to address these issues, you make it difficult for us who want DO NOT want to be called invalid. It makes able-bodied reviewers, like Karr, and readers continue to think that is okay to refer to us as less than.

Is there something about the movement that makes you uncomfortable?