Tuesday, January 19, 2010


A hair cut today. Then time spent in an Ace Hardware, which seems very like Radio Shack. Or the coelacanth. I thought you were extinct?

Then rising in an elevator with two young brothers. The younger, maybe four, hopping up and down, while loudly asking his brother, pointing to me:

"Is he sitting ON a wheelchair?"

"Yes, that's a wheelchair. Be quiet."

"ON a wheelchair?" he asked again, incredulous. "Ow!"

Silence for a moment. Then more from the little guy.

"I'm gonna eat your FACE!"

"What did you say?" his brother asked sternly, embarrassed.



He was awesome.


Delicious Vietnamese food last night with friends. Warm weather.

It was well with my soul.


Anonymous said...

This made me laugh out loud; and I kind of wish you blogged on Wordpress because I do; and it's true about Ace and Radioshack. Makes you go, "Why?"

Jennifer Bartlett said...


I am interested in your autobiography. Is there any place that parts of it have been published? or on the blog? I wanted to recommend a great book to you (ad your readers). It's called Claiming Disability by Simi Linton. Have you heard of it? It's on google reader. I found it fabulous. There is also a piece I wrote on Feminism and Disability at delirioushem.blogspot.com

I'd be curious to know what you think. Best, Jen

Maggie May said...

that made me laugh!!!