Tuesday, August 05, 2008

That night I ain't forgotten

Thanks to The Paris Review for taking two poems, one of them, "User's Guide to Physical Debilitation," the lead poem in My Index of Slightly Horrifying Knowledge. Along with the title poem, it's another I'm kind of amazed anyone would print. It's a withering little blast of sarcasm, at least one level. Still, I'm entirely grateful and surprised. Thank you.


Leg still in a cast.


School begins in about two weeks. I'm in no way ready.


That said, I walked to campus yesterday and seeing landscapers working at tree limbs and the few students flitting about made me feel a tingle of, maybe, not quite, excitement. But, something that almost is excitement.


This weekend: Ikea. I've never been. I'm oddly excited.


Name: Matthew Guenette said...

IKEA = proof of Scandinavian superiority

Thinking of you tingling makes me tingle

Paul said...

I'm set on vibrate mode.

Collin said...

Congrats on the Paris Review acceptances.

IKEA is like shopping crack. If you get out of there spending less than $100 you are a much stronger man than I.

newzoopoet said...

Oh to be alone in Ikea with a gift card....

Glad to hear I'm not the only one not ready for Fall semester. I'm still winding up the Summer session.

Justin Evans said...


bp said...

Used to love Ikea. Now I hate it, esp. on weekends. Too many self-involved parents not giving a crap that their kids are acting like heathens.

tina said...


Me said...


Anonymous said...

I don't like IKEA much, but I like you very much. I hope you had great adventures in all the model rooms.

Warm regards,