Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pork and beans

Just how cool is Robert Downey, Jr? A guy I never much cared for: for all his talent, there was a foppish smarm that was always there, an insouciance that undermined, at least for me, his roles. Then there were his drug addictions, incarcerations; he fell away. Cut to Iron Man, the surprisingly solid superhero flick now raking in truckloads of cash: he's just the right age, time and trouble have weathered ever so slightly his face, a boyishness is gone. There's
a laconic ease to his delivery, a droll way which was always his specialty but all the same was never exactly authentic. He's an unbelievably inspired choice to play Tony Stark, billionaire weapons manufacturer and future alcoholic. After Spiderman 3's embarrassing flame-out, Iron Man, a character with nowhere near the recognition as Spidey, Tony Stark has caught on in the public imagination. Without Robert Downey, Jr, that ain't happening.


Saturday. Carrollton. Yeah.


Collin said...

I loved it, too. I've always been so-so on RDJ, but he's really amazing in this. Did you stay for the hidden scene after the credits?

Paul said...

I did. That was pretty cool. 2010 will be cool.

newzoopoet said...

I have had much the same feeling about him over the years, and yet when I saw him in Zodiac, he seemed somehow changed. I haven't seen Iron Man yet, but plan to.

Anonymous said...


stepping over the junk said...

I LOVE him. Ever since "Chaplin". Despite his "stuff" in the past. Brilliant actor.