Saturday, April 26, 2008


One more wrench lobbed into the gears of time
won’t seize up a single thing: not
the rain pounding at my door
like an aggrieved neighbor
whom I can’t help but offend.
I have been good, a long time I have been
the model citizen slash inmate
here in the kingdom of karma,
though I hardly cared: dawn
set the birds singing their odd hymns,
to which there were no
human lyrics, nothing to pretend
to others I knew beyond
reasonable doubt. Nothing
to tell you that I am
haunted by. I have been
waiting for the phone to sing out,
though the odds are
good it is not you
robotically attempting
to sell me wood laminate for these floors
which aren’t my own,
I should probably tell you,
in case that is important
in some way I can’t yet understand.
A long time it seems
the rain has been trying
its liquid way in
and I have been good enough
to listen to it all
and say this is music
you should hear beside me.
Even the dark has come,
the whole night,
all itself unbroken,
the sartorial stars and the sky which is unbearable.
There is something
I mean to say
just so
but it breaks apart, it breaks apart,
it breaks.


KathrineBailey said...

Wish I may, wish I might....

Tina Richardson said...

The room is destroyed and all the while I listen to the glass break like music...and wish you were singing along.

Annandale Dream Gazette said...

"the sartorial stars and the sky which is unbearable"