Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Last week I was flirting with exhaustion. Just at my limit. My body hurt. A really good weekend helped. More on that tomorrow.

Today, I received the blurbs for my book. I was gobsmacked.


Leslie said...

Dare we ask who?

Taylor said...

Your title reminded me of Ultra Pee-Pee from an episode of Invader Zim:


Jett Superior said...

I remember staring in the mirror when I was five, maybe six, thinking over and over, "Am I real? Am I really real? Who is that person?" This went on until I was in some sort of detached, transcendental state. Startling.

I imagine holding your own, semi-published autobiography is something akin to that.

Anonymous said...

Paul, do you know about the Chattanooga Flying Saucer house?


Anonymous said...

write me a poem.

Axel said...

Blurbs meaning reviews, or those endorsements on the back cover, or what?
And gobsmacked in a good way I presume.