Wednesday, January 16, 2008



Meaning, I am separate. The speakers lurch
music I can’t love, I can’t tell you
I love you. The window is obvious
and cold and the climate’s breath
fogs it up, the world outside hindered.
I think that is the word I want
but it may be that I come
to you in the inconvenient darkness
saying I have not meant
myself for a very long time. It may be
that I stub my life black
and nearly weep, limping
away. It will be funny one day,
wait and see. This wound
and the next made nothing
at all by time’s mad gush of speed.
We’ll laugh, though now all
there is is the slush filling
the gutter up with inconstant diamonds.
I owed you something,
once, and you were good
enough to bear me
forgetting you. Your hands
older than you were,
even in the night, graspsome, close.
Outside, the world is
stupid with whiteness
and cloud wet. I can’t think
of numbers meant
to identify me or cities by which I’m ruled.
I can’t think of this
effect my breath makes
of the air but
by it I can tell
you that I am not dead,
or that I’ve stumbled into the cold,
thinking of this


Anonymous said...

Paul, when you're rich and famous, you'd better take me on Oprah with you, since I've been ghostwriting these poems for you all these years.


P.S. You're incredible. Great writer, great guy. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.

K said...

Ive seen that lake. Summer of 96 I sat beside it and wondered if Id ever be the same. I wasn't.
Hmmm looking forward to seeing the lake soon...dig out your valentines. Couldn't resist the game. Please pencil me in.

Anonymous said...

Great line breaks here, Paul. You make the known world seem just familiar enough, that it works nicely for me as a reader.

Anonymous said...

Your poetry is so beautiful it makes me sad.

PolymexicanNanny said...

We will make pasta for you anytime. . . Tea for three.
Diamonds and Pearls forever.

K$ said...

Lambeau in the Wintry Mix

Go Eli and the Giants
Even if you have to resort to
Because God doesn't forgive
If the infidels happen to live
So let Big Blue bring the silence...