Friday, January 04, 2008

I bought a .38 Special cd collection

I would like to speak with the person or persons who decided it was ok for the temperature here to be 14 degrees this morning. I would like to speak to them now.


The unexpected insanity of recent weeks continues apace. There's nothing definitive to say, though a manuscript did go out yesterday, its title page stamped with a "Represented by" block of text at the bottom of the page. That was kind of intensely cool, I have to confess.

My Christmas break has been mostly working on, and reworking, this memoir. Aside from that, the machinations of the process have been fascinating, educational. Me = Big Dumb Guy.


Title change!


Anonymous said...

14 is tropical, Paul, it's -3 in Minneapolis. Enjoy your heat wave :)

Peter G

early hours of sky said...

Okay, I am Minneapolis too and he is NOT kidding. God I would kill for 14 degrees.

Good luck on sending the manuscript out Paul, it does sound cool.

Decriminalize Hibernation said...

T-shirt weather, here in Missoula, this AM: 27 degrees!

It was 7 above the other day, with winds around 25 mph coming out of the Hellgate...a lit-tle nip-py.

Anonymous said...

hold on loosely, Paul. don't let go.

cynthia said...

You see it all around you, indeed. Crank it up!

And Happy New Year to you Paul.