Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas here was fun. The typical bustle we generate. Kids to-ing and fro-ing. Cats. The rest of us. I sat around gabbing with everybody, tapping away at the memoir while a ham drizzled with bourbon glaze baked in the oven. Which was also fun. I'm up to 85 pages or so now.

The whole process is interesting. Notes on pages, explanations of process. Like the Whiting, it's nothing I ever expected.



Catnapping said...

Now that was cruel and unusual.

My heart goes out to that cat, ya know. He had to know y'all were looking at him, but not letting him in.

I think y'all are in for some KatKarma and a wee bit of revenge, yep.

Happy Boxing Day.


Jett Superior said...

Today was fun, a happenstance where you're all "more like that, please" to the dangerous, dangerous Cosmos we spoke of.

In short, '<3' and 'twee!', etc.