Monday, November 19, 2007



7: the crazy number of poems accepted by the New Orleans Review for an upcoming feature. Thank you, thank you.

75,000: the approximate number of words composed by freshmen wordsmiths I'll be consigned to grading over the break. Jesus in Heaven.

20: the approximate number of minutes added to the Planet Terror dvd, rendering a fun, virtuoso recreation of cheese into still fun but nearly exhausting cheese.

3: the number of pizzas made for said viewing of Planet Terror by Drs. Davidson, Fraser, and Masters this past Friday night.

0: number of viewings of Yor, the Hunter from the Future because I couldn't find a vcr. Hence the Planet Terror screening. Gwen and especially Margaret, I'll make it up.


I was asked last week to read next year in the Prout Chapel Reading Series at Bowling Green State University. Which is super exciting. It's fun to go off, meet new people, get excited about poetry as a, well, forgive the term, community. So if you'd ever like me to show up and read and sleep in a hotel with free HBO, please ask. I'm all about it.


Especially the free HBO. Which is awesome.


Melanie said...

I think my vcr made it from Houston (the horror gems, you know) --

Kathrine Bailey said...

Yor, Yor..he's a man...he's a man. (Mike Doughty)

Jennifer Bartlett said...


I'm looking forward to getting (both) your books.

Good Luck with all.

garylmcdowell said...

It figures that BGSU brings you in two years AFTER I've already graduated. Oh well. The Prout series is always packed. You'll have a great audience!

Matthew Guenette said...

Congrats Paul. Have a good T-Giving. (BTW: Did you get my phone message about the Whiting?)

Take care, brother.

Paul said...

Phone message? No! Crap.`

Andromeda said...

What a shame. I have a VCR and no Yor.

Curse this cruel world.

Christian said...

Wait... there are many sentinals...

Yor!!! It is the creature of the night!

If my Christmas wishes were to come true, I would glide to work on a bat-shaped kite everyday of my life.

Christian said...

My second Christmas wish would be the ability to spell 'sentinels' correctly...