Sunday, September 23, 2007

Did you know?

One quarter of 1% of New York City taxi cabs are wheelchair accessible.


Of some 12,779 taxis, only 29 have been equipped to carry wheelchairs. That number would nearly triple in coming months, and another 150 would be added, if the state approves the city's request to increase medallions. Still, the chances of a person with disabilities being able to hail an accessible cab are small. Michael Harris, of the Disabled Riders Coalition, said he had such luck just once, only to get a driver who illegally denied him a ride.


Anonymous said...

But that's still almost a quarter million cabs!

Paul said...

Not so fast: just over 13,000 taxis in NYC, according to official records.

Paul said...
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Matthew Thorburn said...

That's a pretty pathetic statistic. The buses are a much better bet. It looks like they're 100% accessible, according to the MTA.