Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Good news: The Missouri Review took my long poem "My Index of Slightly Horrifying Knowledge" for a feature in their Winter '08 issue. Very excited about that, having wanted to appear there for years. The poem is insane and I'm a little surprised they took it, but I ain't complaining.


C. Dale said...

Congrats! Never easy to place a long poem. And you did so in a very fine journal. Congrats, again!

Anonymous said...

Stupid question:

You had that poem posted on your blog for a while back in June. Don't they consider that "previously published"? Or does simply deleting it so they won't know that sidestep that problem?

Asking because I also post work online.

Paul said...

Thanks, C. Dale.

As for poems online or not, I deleted it because nobody was gonna read a 5-6 page poem on the screen.

Posting has yet to be an issue.

Keith said...

You better delete all the poems from the month of June, then, because that's just the beginning of your nasty acceptance streak... I bet Harriet Monroe couldn't have predicted that nearly 100 years after she started Poetry, journals would actually care that you had the poems on blogs (not all, but some at least). Wild, I tell you. Wild.

Nick McRae said...

I would love to read that poem. Email me a copy? Eh?

Paul said...

Sent, Nick!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the feedback. Over the past year or so I've probably posted 30ish poems online, about half of those I would like to try to publish. Wasn't sure how vigilantly journals police that. Especially since they can just Google up titles/lines to check on them. Agree with Keith that the issue is ridiculous (unless they do it to prevent plagarism, which doesn't seem to be the case). Maybe its jealousy, that the poem is more likely to have a broader readership if posted online than if published in most journals.

Anybody have a guesstimate on which journals or how many actually police "blogging" poems?