Saturday, July 07, 2007


I've been packing up a bit, clearing my desk. I came across my copy of Ripley's Game, starring John Malkovich, and popped it in. Almost instantly I remembered why I love it so much: no one projects such wry, snobbish menace. He plays it here so dryly it's hysterical. Before stepping into a train bathroom to garrote someone, he removes his watch, handing it to the man he's with, "If it breaks, I will kill everyone on this train." This particular scene plays out almost like slapstick: people keep coming in and they have to be killed, stacked like cords of wood in the tiny space. Here's a great scene in the airport afterwards.

Interestingly about the movie is that it sat on New Line's shelves a year or more until they dumped it out to dvd.

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Taylor Loy said...

Rebecca and I rented that a couple months ago.

It was definitely a sleeper. Deep.

We dug it.
I most certainly want to see it again.