Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The sun will respect

Transformers today. How surreal is it there's a Transformers movie?


A second AWP panel I was asked to be on was accepted: the 20th anniversary reading for Hayden's Ferry Review. Which is cool enough to begin with but a little more meaningful to me, personally, as they were the first journal to pity/publish me.


Two stages of July 4th here: Sunday with the family. Grilling. Hypnotized by a marathon of When Stunts Go Wrong. Which is basically hours of idiots on motorcycles giving natural selection the finger. And great TV.

One especially bright "expert" was dared to jump several wind machines, blades exposed, with one hand tied behind his back. Of course he landed straight in one of them, his motorcycle shredded. He walked away. Especially great was this guy who had to be the worst stunt guy ever: his gimmick was jumping his car, landing upside down, usually on top of other junked cars which absorbed the impact. In theory. But in practice he was singularly unable to pull it off, invariably landing to the side, or nose first.

And the mindset is beautiful, I admit, because each time these types come back from nearly killing themselves they increase the stunt's difficulty: I keep failing, spectacularly, at this. Let's make it three times as hard.

It's poetry. Or maybe it's Stunt Rock.

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