Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Come see me

A storm blows out your internet service for a day or so and you miss your appearance on Verse Daily. Crud. But thanks for the notes.


Moving is so strange, such a hassle, especially for me. I may be moving from one apartment to another, in the same complex, due to some accessibility issues. It's probably no big deal but the unsettledness leaves me feeling queasy, waiting for some huge disaster.




jeannine said...

Did I already tell you Congrats on the Verse Daily poem? Congrats!
Coicidentally, my power was also out the day my poem was on Verse Daily last week...dan dan dannnnnn

Paul said...

It's a conspiracy!

kz. said...

I know that unsettled feeling you speak of. Rebels attacked my village again yesterday, burned most of the buildings and stole our generator. Fortunately the U.N. camp has high-speed internet.

Matthew Thorburn said...

Very very belated congrats -- and hey, you're getting to be a regular over there at Verse Daily!