Sunday, June 24, 2007

We used to be friends

Many times I've declared the greatness of Veronica Mars. The problem with that was simple: I hadn't finished the first season yet. Not for lack of interest, obviously, but due to external factors: work, writing, my many foundations I fund with poetry money. I finally finished the first season, though, and my early opinions are only magnified. By a factor of about 10. I can hardly think of a more satisfying season long narrative. One that concludes in awesomely gothic pulp. It could have ended here, the whole show, and been this gem, even with the mystery of the final scene at the door. Like the close of The Sopranos, something you would always wonder about.

I'm sad to see Veronica go after three seasons but that's a great run. Great, great show and I still have two seasons left.


wickedpen said...

If possible, the second season is even BETTER than the'll see...

(and I haven't yet seen any of the third..)

Paul said...

That's what I hear. I've had season 2 sitting on my shelf forever. Not sure I can launch myself into it now, though.

God, that last episode, Keith saving Veronica like he had to -- huge lump in my throat. Awesome.