Monday, June 04, 2007



A lot you should do: hurl invective at dawn.
Stop at dusk. Stop all attempts
at rhetorically complex valentines
as timed to the sun or any star
available for general reference. Mow the lawn
or at least remove the rust
clotted bear-traps from the thicket
all the lawn has slowly become
in a kind of melancholy art installation
you want to watch forever. Definitively determine
the distance between thinking
and doing. Once and for all. For it is vast.
And submit the results
to many peer-reviewed journals
hoping to give so much thinking and doing
to oblivion. For it too is vast
and full of fondness for however much
you are content to ignore
its tab for the ruin it keeps running up
everywhere you care to look. And those places
you don’t. Don’t think
there isn’t a spot for you
in all this abstraction; you’ll fit right in
and never look back at that
world again. How her skin
and your skin, how both were one world
while her red hair burned
you through the chest, through to the bone
and to the well of blood
where she held you
up and all you carried, all that you had in you
like an ore, you gave. Give

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