Friday, June 01, 2007


It's official: Battlestar Galactica will end with season four. Hate to hear it but I'd rather it go out while it's still insanely great as opposed to season 8 when Apollo moves to New York City, working as a bartender, because he really wants to live life. And finish his novel. And reconnect with the daughter he never knew. And fall in love, though he had sworn never to be hurt again. And try to help his screw-up buddy from college, who hides a secret pain. And deal with explosive revelations about stuff. And to walk down the sidewalk, vanishing into the crowds, while a bittersweet love song plays and the credits roll.


C. Dale said...


Oliver de la Paz said...

A part of me is actually glad for this. . . Given the ending of season 3, I was thinking to myself, what could they POSSIBLY do next?