Friday, May 04, 2007

Suddenly, you know they're real, they mean it

A prize to whoever guesses which song the above line is from. It always crack me up.


Reading over the galleys is a strange, strange experience. When the Fed Ex guy handed me the package, I felt a weird, almost light headed feeling, even in my legs. I asked him to open it for me, saving me half an hour of struggle to get it open myself, and dumped out the contents. Letters and the galleys. Rubber-banded. Damn it. So I went and had copies made, spiral bound so I could manage all those pages.

Seeing the poems in galleys, reading the poems from a growing distance, not only temporally but also emotionally, I'm struck by how sad a book it is. Mortally wounded, almost. It's interesting to see how One More Theory About Happiness begins going in other directions.

It's also scary seeing these pages: before very long, it'll be out there in the world. Eek.


Already working on my classes for the fall. Crazy.


Dr. S said...

Voice of Harold! Gosh, I love that song.

jeannine said...

Sad, but also charming and funny. And touching. And really good!

august said...

There's nothing like an REM reference. The one that's stuck with me lately: "The city on the river is a girl without a dream." I wouldn't even push it as a great line, but it's quite beautiful in the song.

Another one that cracks me up: "We could gather, throw a fit."