Saturday, April 14, 2007

Have you come for me?

Rain, go away. Actually, kind of nice to hear the pour across the roof. Still, annoyed, just a bit, with the up-down weather.


Three poems accepted today by The Southern Review, which was exciting. 18 poems now from One More accepted, which is awfully close to that magic number of 20: it's around that number where manuscripts seem to reach a kind of critical mass where they'll begin to get play/traction with presses. We'll see.

Listening to music and rain revising: I fixed one poem that had bothered me. Sometimes it's a matter of losing one line, in this case the last. Amazing how a few words can be like the turn of a lock.


greg rappleye said...


Congratulations on The Southern Review.

That's a really great place to be!

Matthew Thorburn said...

Hey, that's Elizabeth Bishop's classic advice -- to try cutting the last line or two. (I find the opening couple lines sometimes have to go too -- the revving up before the poem really gets going.)

Matthew Thorburn said...

p.s. I really like your poem in the new Black Warrior Review, by the way.