Monday, April 23, 2007

Come on without

Life is always good when you're in a Dylan mood. I think that's pretty much an inalterable law of nature: death, taxes, Dylan = awesome. What I love most about him is that his body of work gets pretty close to bottomless: there's no reason to get bored or not find some new gem. I'm no completist by any means, but I could be fairly painlessly.


In a funk continuing from yesterday: Saturday night I couldn't get to sleep, was cold, finally drifted off around 4:30 to nightmare-filled sleep. I stumbled around all day, muttering dire things, not eating much. Today's better by far after great sleep but I still feel stumbly wumbly.


Vacancy has the best title credits in years, worthy of Hitchcock. The movie isn't.


Sending One More out today, following days of manic revision. One more poem picked up by the good people at the Burnside Review. A fine journal and they accept submissions by email, so you've no excuse not to send.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I totally felt the same way. I turned to my friend during the credits and said, "These credits are amazing." The movie, not so much. Very anti-climactic. I'm extremely paranoid and easily scared, but I felt calm throughout the entire movie. That means it failed, right?

Rachel Mallino said...

Congrats on Burnside, Paul. And I agree - Dylan = Awesome. I'll never forget an interview I saw with him and he said that in his earlier days of writing he honestly felt as if God was speaking through him and I actually believe it (yet I don't believe in God). Such a conundrum.

Paul said...

Yeah, way not so much. Let's list some of the cliches: troubled couple traveling after losing a child; emotionally constipated and, it's implied, probably frigid wife and husband who no doubt grieves for little Bobby but damn it, he'd like to get laid; said troubled couple pledging to start over after traumatic experience; creepy out of the way location/people/etc. The title credits/score is crackerjack, really striking. If I got in free, I'd go again, see that, then sneak into something else.

Anonymous said...

Try youtube, search Vacancy Credits. I haven't tried it, but damn, that website has everything.

Michael said...

RE: Dylan. "New Pony" off of STREET LEGAL. Check it out if you don't know it already.