Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More AWP

Thursday morning I had chocolate chip pancakes. For the first time.

Eliot and Steph's rental car, a Mini-Cooper.

The strange woman hellbent on me shaking her hand, holding hers out for a full 30 seconds, refusing to reach for mine.

Terrence Hayes' awesome mohawk.

Dinner with Rebecca and Taylor in Trader Vic's, the tacky/ornate/kind of cool tiki bar/lounge/restaurant in the bottom of the Hilton.

Our sweet, possibly French waitress.

The bottle of rock candy syrup she brought me for my tea.

That old guy I always think is Merwin but isn't.

Him losing his granddaughter for half an hour.

The first ride up to the top floor of the Hilton with UTC students in the glass elevator.

Some of them freaking just a little.

Their mini-freak causing me to get nervous, despite not fearing heights.

Me, Rebecca, Taylor, David Hernandez, and Lisa Glatt camped out in the floor.

Introducing Charles Flowers to Rebecca and Taylor, all of us Chattanooga people.

Talking about Cracker Barrel.

Honoree Jeffers saying, in admiration, about Cracker Barrel, "You can get sick for $7.99."

Jet 94 FM.

The bottle of wine being passed around at one panel.

C. Dale's Green Lantern shirt.

Eliot's ganache-induced madness.


The woman in her hotel room, at midnight, screaming, "HE SAID MY TIME WOULD COME!"

The hunt for Jim Clark.

The man stopping by the Diagram table, saying the problem with his previous submissions was "too many the's and that's."

The man trying to decide if a girl's medium t-shirt would fit him. I suggested it probably would not.

Because the laws of physics would have to completely change.

Discovering Steak & Ale still existed.

Watching a surprising number of AWP attendees go in.

The awesome, possibly Romanian hotel services employee, with uncombable hair and wild eyebrows and thick moustache.

Him listening intently to Ehling's request for electricity at his booth.

Him solving the problem, via cell phone, in under 10 seconds.

Him saying, with great flourish, "In this hotel, anything is possible!"


brent goodman said...

Too Funny! As is the photo of your setup B-Day party at Hooters . . . can you say future book jacket photo?

Thanks for the AWP posts.


Shana said...

I didn't know a thing about Hayes before hand... but when I saw him walk up to the stage I turned to Lindsey and said He has one of the best mohawks I've ever seen, I like him no matter what his writing is like...
I'm happy it was a good reading.

Also- good to see you!

Also- I still want advice about MFAs.