Thursday, March 22, 2007

Come back

Wearing today: GLORIOUS KAZAKHSTAN t-shirt, white with blue lettering beneath a mountain range and spiky sun.

No one has commented.


Rejected today: Maybe? Sort of? Maybe not? Who knows.


Phrase I'm still laughing over from the weekend: "Dirty redneck," which, admittedly, isn't terribly original but in context became infectious.


Temperature right now: 78.


Laini Taylor said...

Hi Paul -- I just arrived at your poem from last March that referenced, among other things, kelpy choirs and luna moths having no mouths. It was beautiful! I was googling saturnidae moths and not expecting to find poetry. Thanks!

Mark said...

"Dirty rednecks" doesn't need to be original. As we both know they aren't very sophisticated.

daffa said...

glorious kazakhstan t-shirt? blue lettering outlined in yellow? blue mountain range outlined in yellow? blue spiky sun??

my husband has this t-shirt. weird.