Sunday, March 11, 2007

Baker St.

Feeling better now. My thanks to everyone who commented and emailed. I appreciate it. Many of you I've never met and never will. Some of you I have, if in passing (Sandra and I bumped into each a few times, for example). And fewer still are my close friends, the ones who send care packages filled with tiny Milky Way bars and chocolate chip cookies and cards. I wasn't gifted with many skills but a certain facility with words is one and even so I can't quite express how much you mean to me.

So there.


300 is like the intersection of video game cut scenes and some not quite porn. Hyper-buff Spartans, who apparently had no body hair, run around chopping, piercing, severing, dismembering, shouting, declaiming, and so forth.

And it's awesome. Is it about anything? Not so much, unless you consider the language of pure visual cinema enough text for a movie. And I do. It would work as a silent film. But it's not silent. The sound was cranked to almost uncomfortable levels and I'm betting this was by design, by request or requirement of the studio. Pure bombast. Rock on.

One thing: people are dumb, or selfish, who bring young children to a movie like this. I'm not one who believes children are overly influenced by violent movies or video games. I know I experienced my share growing up. But this really isn't a movie for, say, a five year old girl.


Next up: Zodiac. Black Snake Moan.


Matthew Guenette said...

And what will I emerge/
from this red brick cocoons?/ Teacher?/Poet?/I know not what...

However bitter it gets, remember: you never wrote the above lines.

Sometimes when I feel bitter (i.e., just got the negative on another finalist, that makes 15 with this manuscript) I remember the above lines and smile.

It's happiness by relativity, sure. But relative world or not, you're a monster poet.

Montgomery Maxton said...

Zodiac is good!

vomitingghosts said...

Paul, you don't know me but I've been reading your blog and poems for a while and just out of the blue today I was wondering why you haven't written a poem about Kang and Kodos from "The Simpsons"? You are the perfect poet for such a pair. Or maybe you already have and I just don't know it. But they feel like they're aching for their own poem or poems. Or maybe I'm aching to write one? I don't know. You should do it though. Also, congratulations on your second book; I'm heavily looking forward to it. Sorry if this is totally random. - Matt