Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's just like a mini-mall!

My dad is having surgery this morning. He was diagnosed some time ago with severe sleep apnea and was determined to be a good candidate for corrective surgery. So he's having his tonsils out, something done to his uvula, his nose redone for a deviated septum, and God knows what else. Four different procedures, all at once. I'm not sure that clicked with him. Any one of those would be bad enough.


Installed Open Office yesterday, painlessly. It seems pretty cool and it's free, which is beautiful. The manuscript for Notes seemed to lose some formatting here and there, mainly with page breaks, but otherwise everything appeared unchanged.


Because I missed it on Monday, this poem.


bp said...

If you want a free copy of MS Office for Mac (contains Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.), let me know!

Joey Quinton said...

Take bp up on the offer...Office for Mac is sweet!