Friday, February 16, 2007


Born Magazine is celebrating its 10th anniversary. If you aren't aware of it, Born pairs writers with Flash artists to create a multimedia piece. They've selected some of their favorites from the past and one is my pal Eliot's "Designing a Bird from Memory in Jack's Skin Kitchen."

It's a great poem and a great piece. I did two pieces with them but neither turned out quite so well: in one case, the artist didn't have time, and in the other, well, it's kind of cool but the mechanism made the poem too difficult to read.

Also, check out Sophia Kartsonis' "About the Other Animals."

And this classic, "Tokyo, My Love."

For the sake of completeness, here are mine: "Apogean" and "Popular Romance."

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a-smk said...

Oh, and Tenaya Darlington's amazing Basho poem.