Monday, January 22, 2007


Monday morning and rain. My foot tapping like it expects something. Besides more rain. A new airport letter poem, maybe. I have some thoughts for one, this time for Memphis. Cities on a river. Al Green. I can't get next to you.


I'm tough on myself in a lot of ways, probably too tough, though I never realize it. I often feel badly towards readings I give, but I gave one Friday that felt like a good one, a good experience, which was nice.


Someone asked me if I'd ever watched video of me reading. No! God forbid. Too much self-awareness is just that, too much.

Audio is bad enough.


Oliver de la Paz said...

A friend of mine recorded my thesis reading on video. I never could watch the thing all the way through. I watched a little bit of it and shut the thing off from embarassment.

Glad you had a good reading. You know it when it happens.

John Gallaher said...

Since I'm traveling very little these days, maybe I'll write a poem for each room of my house. "Kitchen, My Kitchen" presents itself to me, presently.

Happy travels!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Paul.

If you need to do research for your Memphis poem, then this Memphis resident would be happy to host you. Hope you're great.


Anonymous said...

Hope everything went well...