Friday, January 05, 2007

The serious moonlight

Randomness from Philadelphia:
  • exhausted on Thursday, while Eliot browsed through all the shops I couldn't get in, which is essentially every single one, I rested my head on a Starbuck's table. Who is the slumped over wheelchair guy? Has he ordered anything? No? Great.
  • Being 19th in line for take-off from Philadelphia, which took an hour. Circling Charlotte in the rain for an hour before finally landing.
  • Nearly missing my connecting flight. Handed off to six foot four US Airways employee who then sprinted me through the airport, shouting people out of the way.
  • This congestion I picked up, turning my voice into a basso profondo.
  • Getting on a bus to New Jersey. Oops.
  • Eliot getting twenty bucks worth of bus tokens when we wanted just two. Oops, again.
  • The flight from Charlotte to Chattanooga. On the way up? Jet. Back? Turbo-prop. Tiny. This is a little like finding out how sausage is made: once you see how it's made, the enthusiasm falters a bit.
  • Flying through clouds the whole way, watching ice form on the prop. My window was directly in line with the prop. I couldn't stop watching. Suddenly, a huge ball of ice pelts into my window, sounding like a big balloon popping.
  • Ice balls pinging off the plane's hull. People freaking.
  • I met one of the guys from Jackass in the airport.


bp said...

That flight from Charlotte to Chattanooga is notorious -- I did it a couple of times, it's always on a tiny plane that dips and feels every bump of air. When I mentioned it to Rick, he groaned and related his own horror stories regarding it. I bet even the Jackass guy wouldn't willingly take one of those.

Which Jackass was it?

Melanie said...

There's nothing more energizing than travel. Travel away from Texas.

John Gallaher said...

I shared an elevator with Tom Wopat. He remarked upon my shoes. I remarked upon his backpack.

Paul said...

It was Don Vito, the uncle, of recent legal trouble.

Josh_Hanson said...

Just put on your red shoes, Paul.