Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Of the thousand rainy days

A phone interview today. They're always mildly disorienting, the disembodied quality, the echo of the speaker phone.


On the road next week to an undisclosed location. It's a secret. Shh.


Oliver de la Paz said...

I HATE phone interviews. You say something and hear the silence . . . the echo of your own voice . . . the static. For all you know they're covering their mouths and stiffling hysterical laughter.

G'luck man.

bp said...

Several years ago I had a phone interview for a one-year teaching fellowship. The only problem was that they never told me they were going to interview me by phone, so they called me at 8 am and asked me serious interview questions. The phone woke me up, so I wasn't in much of a proper state of mind to answer questions like "how would you teach poetry to students who have mostly written fiction?" (As a matter of fact, I pretty much have no understanding of written text until noon.) Needless to say, I didn't ace the interview, and I was pretty pissed that they pulled this. Later I found out that they gave the fellowship to a person who was previously connected to the department. Though obviously I can't prove it, it's always been my feeling that someone who was pulling for their friend kind of sandbagged me with this very unprofessional surprise interview.

Just thought I'd share. GO RAVENS!!!

Anonymous said...

So, how did the phone interview go? Are you on your mysterious trip right now and there will be no more posts for a while? Are you a spy?

I interviewed Kelly Pickler today--she of American Idol fame. She was very sweet!

OK, miss you. Talk to you soon.