Thursday, December 21, 2006


So I think finding a taxi in Philadelphia is, for me, pretty much a fool's errand. Shame on you, City of Transportation Infrastructure Inadequacy & Brotherly Love. Fie, even. Oh, yes, fie. I drop the fie on Philly.

But it looks like I can take a train out, leaving me with an 11 minute walk to my hotel. I don't mean to throw out still more technical jargon but professionals often say, this is going to bite.

This is to say nothing of hoofing about from interview to interview.

Yep, it's gonna bite. Teethmarks, my friends.


Scoplaw said...

May the force be with you.

I'll be driving up the coast on Sat. and will try to send you some positive vibes.


El Scoparino

cornshake said...

fie on you for removing the funny video that had D and i cracking up. but good luck in philly!

Sandra said...

There's a personal driver service that I think my bosses have used in Philadelphia: ...they have a contact email on there. Worth checking to see if they could help, or recommend someone to help?

On the pricey side, probably, but it sounds like you're in for a hassle otherwise--and hey, it is a business expense.

Good luck, SB

Oliver de la Paz said...

Yeah, what Sandra said. Keep your receipts for a personal driver and write it off your taxes.

G'luck man.

Paul said...

Doubt I'll be hooking up any limos, y'all, even as a business expense. Thanks, though.

John Gallaher said...

I suppose you could just sit in your room or the hotel bar.

Theinterview hotels seem in walkable distance, unless you only have 11 minutes . . .