Monday, December 11, 2006

The man on the radio won't leave me alone

Just finished a three or four episode run of Battlestar Galactica that was just amazingly great: the Pegasus/Resurrection ship storyline. I'd seen them before, when I still tried to follow it via TiVo, but it's here that I got sidetrack, gave up. It's telling that an arc in the middle of a season is better by miles than the finales of most dramas.


Plane tickets purchased. Ready to go. Mostly. I haven't been to Philadelphia since I was 18.


What's for lunch?


Heather said...

Lunch here is artichoke ravioli with a browned butter sauce. Care to join?

Anonymous said...

ab is having tuna.

John Gallaher said...

A cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll.

Seph said...

Mmmmm -- Italian market -- DiBruno Brothers -- cheese.

Try to stop by there -- you'll find no shortage of lunch ideas in Philly.