Thursday, December 14, 2006

I won't stop holding on

I need new shoes. Size 11. Dressy, yet not stuffy. Casual but refined. Insert ad copy here.


Today's under-appreciated Bobby Womack song is "More Than I Can Stand."


Filed under OMGWTF, the season two finale of Battlestar Galactica: wow. One of the best ever. Mind effectively blown.


Points to Ian Harris for getting Evel Knievel into a poem. I'm a touch jealous of that. I should have written him into a poem by now. Really inexcusable that I haven't. But I do have Stretch Armstrong in a poem, which is related in my memory of my childhood only by a kind of simultaneity.


Reread: A Defense of Poetry.


How bad does Eragon look? Really bad? Terrible? Atrocious? Check.


69. Sunny. Yes.


John Gallaher said...

Dress shoes? Are you going with the black or the brown?

I'm torn. I think I'll go with the black. A bit of a cliche, but easy. I might wear sneakers though, just to show my rebellious nature.

scoplaw said...

BSG is just insanely well written. I don't watch a lot of TV anymore, (in fact I download BSG from the Itunes store) but ever since I saw the mini-series I was hooked. Prior to BSG, Bladerunner was the high water mark for me in terms of a "realistic" and deliciously grim future. Sure I love space opera/cowboy flicks, but I've been waiting for something like BSG for a long time. Perhaps without fully knowing it. I can't recall a show that's this fast and lose with the conventions of Sci-fi, without descending into parody.

Paul said...

I'm having to stop myself from blabbing about it incessantly to friends but it really is one the best shows, ever, and easily the cream of today's offerings. I never watch any tv, really, but I'm open to what's good once it's on dvd and so I tried the miniseries. Hooked. Instantly. It's only improved since then, and at a scary rate as it obliterated its way through the second half the second season. The status quo that's upset and then upset again in the first few episodes of season 3 (I couldn't wait for the dvd's) is brilliantly canny.

Oliver de la Paz said...

I just started watching BSG this year and I'm addicted. Now I'm going to have to go back two seasons and catch up on the backstory.

As for getting the world's most infamous daredevil into a poem . . . be wary. . . Kanye West may have a thing or two to say.

Melanie said...

Yes, what is going on inside Gaius now? I have many favorite moments from that episode.