Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Another poem up today at 42opus: "Eulogy."


Thrilling night of election returns last night, even though for much of it, before numbers began coming in, it was just a bunch of fat guys in suits bloviating for hours. Still, I probably watched from around 7 until midnight.


Did you vote?


Anonymous said...

How about a vote on those to C.K. Williams poems at Poetry Daily. the Dems sweep into office, the poetry mob is as GOP as ever.

--Matt G.

Paul said...

Wow, those are, uh, dull.

cK said...

Bloviating Fat Guys in Suits sounds like a Conan O'Brien channel bit.

Ginger Heatter said...

Voted, yes. And the six-term Republican incumbent in my congressional district was unseated! Of course, it's just a start, and I'm skeptical of anyone who views Dems through rose-colored glasses--but finally we've broken the stranglehold in Washington(!)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous poem.


Samurai said...

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august said...


august here, from Poems fray over at Slate. I'm doing a PBlog roundup and wanted to double-check to make sure it was okay if I linked to you.