Monday, November 27, 2006


Happy post-Thanksgiving. A nice enough one here, though it began with my brother's cat being hit by a car and an hour of early morning searching for her, finally finding her curled up in the warm sun and a cut, swollen lip but otherwise fine. That would have been a grim holiday, setting down to dinner after digging a grave for a pet. Luckily, she's fine.

Otherwise, I wish I could say there was anything of much interest to report. I've never been one to gorge and that continued this year; I hate that feeling.


My brother tried to talk me into buying a new television, going HD, and I just can't. I never watch the thing, really. With AWP coming up, I'm saving up.


The new issue of the Asheville Poetry Review, a special issue devoted to jazz, came in the mail and I can't help thinking I snuck in somehow. With people like Gerald Stern, Yusef Komunyakaa, Billy Collins, and the like, my little number, with its distinct lack of jazz, feels like a rube among all the swells. Great looking mag, though.




bp said...

Feh. Skip the HD for now. Most programming is still standard definition (except for some sports and some cable channels like HBO and Discovery Channel, and some prime time stuff), and standard definition looks like CRAP on an HD set. In a few years the sets will be cheaper and there will be enough shows in HD to make it worth your while.

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