Tuesday, November 28, 2006

58 hours since

I found a typo in the copyedits for Notes, one that I can't figure how it snuck in: it's in none of the files I copied from to assemble the manuscript for the press. Weird but glad I found it. Replaced one poem with a revision and another poem altogether with a newer one. These are the last changes of any significance that I'll make; I'll be sending the manuscript back one day this week and from there the book begins to really happen, which is exciting and scary all at once. Cover art? What? Oh, yeah. Must come up with some great idea.


Redivider asked for some poems yesterday, always a happy occurrence.


I love comic books, no secret there, but sometimes the older stuff just makes you scratch your head. Yes, that's Spider-Man explaining the mysteries of human waste elimination to the Beyonder.


Josh_Hanson said...

First off, I'd completelyforgotten about the beyonder.

Secondly, HA! That's pricelessly stupid.

I love Spidey's angst.

Paul said...

There's probably a good reason you forgot about the Beyonder. His lameness?

Spidey's angst is awesome. But not as awesome as the near orgasmic line: "The experience is consummated!"

cK said...

Crap. Is "58 Hours since" a...Radiohead reference? At first I thought Sinead (from Prince), but that's "7 hours and 15 days since...." But I think Radiohead's..."Blame it on the Black Star"? Is that it?

I know there's a dressing gown in the song.

Melanie said...

There's an article you must see about the Top Ten Weirdest Moments in Comics. I never knew Batman had such creepy sex.

Anonymous said...

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