Monday, October 30, 2006


I'm thinking of using this for my author's photo. What do you think?


Chad Parmenter said...

Is that the guy who squealed like a pig? He also delivered a hilarious performance in "Cookie's Fortune," but I don't know if it was enough to overshadow his earlier part. Either way, if you use it, your poems will give his image the burnish of authentic, lyrical firestorm, and may restart his career. This could be what catapults him out of the shadow of "Deliverance."

Paul said...

That is, in fact, Ned Beatty, he of Deliverance fame.

And Otis in the original Superman movies.

I'm going more for the Otis vibe.

Robert said...

Who could possibly deny this man looks like a poet?

Jilly said...

he sort of looks like Otis Campbell in that pic.