Tuesday, October 24, 2006

But I follow you

This article from The Onion falls under the category of "it's funny because it's true." Well, almost.


Listening this morning to the Once More, With Feeling soundtrack. God, I miss Buffy.


I cannot adequately express how tiresome are the commercials Bob Corker's campaign for the Senate is running. Corker did admittedly great things for this city during his tenure as mayor but the commercials are just the worst. One is focused on Harold Ford, Jr's looks: Ford is a good looking young guy, so the commercial has people from Memphis, Ford's hometown, parroting these ridiculous lines about how good he looks on tv, suggesting he's a pretty boy, vapid. Another uses actors, atrocious ones at that, hamming up this cornpone, hillbilly, down home vibe: one old codger suggesting Ford would have Canada deal with "North Ko-rea" because "they ain't busy." This commercial comes from the national Republican Party and even Corker is embarrassed by it, he claims, demanding it be taken off the air, but as of this morning it's still running. His embarrassment rings hollow, at any rate: I find it hard to believe he had no idea about its content.


I'm not Canadian, but I'm off to deal with North Ko-rea. With cornbread bombs.


Heather said...

I've never seen even one episode of Buffy.

I think I need an intervention for that.

Jilly said...

I hate those commercials too. Especially this one

Amanda said...

Ok, Bonus points to the Onion for that awesome poster. Truly journalism at it's finest.

Melanie said...

I was under the impression that there was some land-grab stuff with Corker that made him look sort of shady. . .know anything about that?

cK said...

Onion: Brilliant (but sad).

Corker: The name alone should disqualify him (if the political party affiliation fails to strike a sensible voter as wrong).

Buffy: Brilliant...though I have to confess my interest waned not long after the werewolf plotline resolved itself early in the college years. I guess I just thought they covered most of the good turf. Still, I rewatch my DVDs. Yes. I own them.

Canadians: They're lovely people. I know many. I adore them. But as the saying goes, "It's always the quiet ones." Canadians will rip you to pieces if you irritate them to the point of action. Haven't you watched GINGER SNAPS yet?

Karri Paul said...

Heh, "The Entitled."

Miss you!