Sunday, September 03, 2006

Why was I born to love you?

An actual blueberry muffin for breakfast this morning. Not bad. It's not pancakes and apple smoked bacon, which I've never had, but it sounds great. And overwhelming. Like I'd have to schedule my next meal for sometime in my forties.


Still buzzing over how nice Exit Interview is. I feel like I should be giving readings. But I also feel like an accidental, unintentional Howard Hughes.


Three poems accepted by 42 Opus, which is great, especially that one of the ones they took is "Garden," the last poem in Notes and one of my very favorite poems.

I've sent it out a zillion times but I think it's just too sweet, too unassuming in its way. Maybe I'm dressing up what others might call slight but I don't think it is.

It's about buying a packet of seeds. And Latin. And a girl.


Heather said...

You wrote a poem about buying a girl? This will surely never earn you pancakes and apple-smoked bacon.

Among other things.

Suzanne said...

Oh, God, I LOVE that one. Congrats!

Paul said...

Other things? I love other things.

Glad you remember that one, Suzanne.

Heather said...

Other things like? Can you be more specific, poet?

LKD said...

Aren't they all about a girl? (I mean, even when the girl's not physically present in the poem--or er, the woman--said Laurel the closeted feminist--she's still there, implied)

Okay, so that's a big fat load of hoo-ha. (smile)

I'm still high on running.

Now, write a poem about pancakes, apple-smoked bacon and a girl.

And damn, I gotta order a copy of your lovely chapbook.

Meanwhile, what made that blueberry actual as opposed to oh, say....surreal? (smile)

Too sweet, too unassuming?

You just described yourself, sir. (smile)

Paul said...

You know.... other things.

Paul said...

Yes, you do have to order a copy, Laurel! Linen covers, 20 poems, only 8 bucks, hard to go wrong.

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

Congratulations on the poems in 42 Opus.

Paul said...

Thanks, Sam.

Melanie said...

I'm going to let you know right now that applewood bacon is overrated. All bacon is overrated. What good is a poem if there's no girl in it?

Paul said...

That's a bold statement regarding bacon there, missy. Not sure I can back you up on that. ;)

Heather said...

Of course, Paul, you expect the italics to do all the work in lieu of specificity.

I think LKD is right. You should write a poem about pancakes, apple-smoked bacon and, of course, a girl. You know. To prove your worthiness.

For pancakes and apple-smoked bacon, I mean.

Anonymous said...

oh, he's worthy alright!