Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I ordered my copy of Matt Guenette's A Hush of Something Endless and you should too. Matt and I started our MFA's at SIU the same year, under the cruel tutelage of Rodney Jones. And look at what a handsome boy he's turned into. He didn't ask but were I to contribute a blurb to his collection it would be one word:


Matt knows why.


Setting the way back machine one notch further back on the dial, go welcome Karri Paul to blogger. She's been blogging over in the gated community of MySpace and I loved everything she wrote so much I suggested she take it public. I'm glad she did. Nothing much there now besides a little introductory note but whatever follows will be gold.

Karri and I were in our undergrad poetry workshops. She's a great poet but also a great painter and is in Austin working on her MFA in painting.

So say hey.

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