Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Love is a burning thing

Tracking down permissions for the last few poems in Notes. Poor editors! A thankless job, often enough, with so much paper haunting their dreams. And me falling into the slurry of requests, questions, queries, complaints.

Slate is the last holdout, really, and as it's a corporate entity, originally owned by Microsoft but now part of the Washington Post, it's all very, well, corporate.

The assistant editors have changed, I think, who I worked with in the past and I don't have Pinsky's email.

But if you're reading, Mr. Pinsky, email me. ;)


Speaking of famous poets and their email addresses, last week I sent out a mass mailing about my chapbook being out. I hate doing it so I stick to people I know in at least some fashion.

But I have lots of poets in my address book I don't know at all: Ted Kooser, Billy Collins, Tony Hoagland. I think that would be obnoxious to email someone like that.

I get these addresses when replying to some journal I've been in or anthology and all the people included get an email. I think Outlook is set to save those addresses and so I'm always surprised to see who has appeared, almost virally, in the address book.


O Disney World, O Mickey, O Sleeping Beauty in your glass sarcophagus.


cornshake said...

Oh! Will you also be going to Epcot Center?? If so, you must see the jellyfish and cuttlefish at the World of Nemo! Especially the cuttlefish!

Josh_Hanson said...

Snow White: glass coffin.

Sleeping Beauty: castle tower surrounded by thorns.


Paul said...


I plead distraction with trying to hunt down anyone at Slate. I think Robert Pinsky is a ghost.

Shamrock said...

Paul, I ordered "Resurrection" about a month ago, and just placed the order for the chapbook. I'm savoring each page and hope I don't get to the end of them before "Notes" is available. Enjoy your trip!

Radish King said...

Please send me all those e-mail addresses plus Walt Disney's if you have it. I need to have a word with him.