Monday, August 21, 2006

So kiss me good-bye

Snakes on a Plane: pretty awesome in its gleefully trashy way. There's hardly a brain in its celluloid head but I didn't mind. Best with a large crowd. Sam Jackson grew up here in Chattanooga so a line about growing up in Tennessee got a nice cheer.


I took Ryan to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at the IMAX theater for his birthday. Wow. A seventy foot high screen and 12,000 watts of power make for a stunning experience. I've seen other IMAX documentaries and came away similarly affected, but seeing a feature length film, especially one like Goblet was awesome.

Before the movie we ate at the Mellow Mushroom, out on the sidewalk. It began to rain, lightly at first so we didn't move from under the table's Coca-Cola bottlecap umbrella, but it came down harder until we were getting soaked.


I'm tired. I'm going to go scavenge for caffeine.


A. D. said...

let me know if you received my e-mail re website stuff.

Montgomery Maxton said...

Mellow Mushroom!? what do they serve at THAT restaurant?!