Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Would you

pay $329 for a royalty-free image from Getty Images for the cover of your chapbook?

I don't think I would. I don't have that much money, for starters.

I would for my book. But that isn't to say I value the chapbook less than the book.



Diane K. Martin said...

What kind of image are you looking for? Robert Thomas used one of my husband (John Martin)'s images for his first book--and John's done his portraits as well. John's been a professional photographer for umpteen years and probably has some he'd let you use for a lot less than $329.

Email if interested

Paul said...

Thanks, Diane. It's an underwater, deep-sea image.

Matthew Thorburn said...

Paul, you might want to check out this site which (as I understand it) offers stock photography either for free or at least for less than Getty:

I've looked into it a bit for other purposes, but haven't actually used them... though it looks promising.

cK said...

You might also look to The guy who hosts that posts his images free for use. (He just asks that you tell him what you're doing with them.) I used to tap his site when I needed environmental stock images for my engineering magazine.

He's got a search box to help narrow things. (For example, type WATER in the box. Easy peasy.)

Probably not what you need, but a useful resource for some.

Paul said...

Thanks. Will check these out.

I'm thinking I'll end up having to rethink the cover.

cK said...


One more resource from the publishing industry:

There is a fee associated with their library, but it is affordable. Like $3 affordable. We bought plentifully from iStock.

Type "underwater" in the home page search box: 3303 matches. It even tells you how many people have bought a particular image. Happy hunting.

Melanie said...

Uh, I can give you photos of banana trees? No, I wouldn't pay that for a chapbook.

I can recommend you (or recommend them) to a couple of good photographers. I bet they'd work cheap.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

It's Julia in Tennessee. There's a guy that we've been working with to redesign our website, Robert Baggett. He's very talented, and he gets it - he asked all the right questions about you. I asked him for suggestions...if you're still in need.

Paul said...

Hey Julia. Thanks. I may very well still be in need.

Of web design.


Julia said...

Were I talented enough - I'd offer to design it for you.

Alas, I'm only useful for maintaining what others have built.

However, I'll ask our web designer what programs he's using...and all that jazz. I've used Dreamweaver to create things, but - despite its lovely name - that program is a pain...not really difficult, but too many bells and whistles in my humble opinion.

I've heard Adobe InDesign is a great program for creating websites, and very user friendly. It's kind of expensive, but if you have a teacher/education connection you may be able to get it rather cheap.

I can always give you the name of our design guys - if you ever need them.